What is Fucoxanthin?

Fucoxanthin, also known as brown seaweed, is a predominate food item in Asian, particularly Japanese cuisine. As Asians are typically much healthier than Americans, research has started to take a closer look at the plant, to determine the health benefits it has to offer.

Forms of Fucoxanthin

Fucoxanthin is available in many different forms.

You can find it in many Asian grocery stores and markets as both a dry and hydrated product. This is the ideal choice for people who want to cook with it to ensure they are getting the most nutrition from it in their diets. Eating it raw will give you the best nutrition, but many people opt to cook it as part of a stir-fry dish.

For people who do not want to cook with it or are not local to an area with an Asian market, there are many different supplements available. You can find it in several different strengths, mixed with other ingredients, and as the only ingredient in many formulas. It is available in capsule, as well as in liquid form.

Fucoxanthin Uses

Fucoxanthin is used mostly in Asian cuisine, as a rice or a noodle substitute. Many people are using the supplemental forms as a fat burner to help promote weight loss.

Read through this website to learn more about the various benefits of fucoxanthin, to help you determine if you will benefit from using it in your diet.